Prevent Strategy

The Prevent duty is a statutory duty for schools to protect children from harm through radicalisation.


Implementation of the Prevent strategy at Bunwell Primary School includes the following elements:

  • Ensuring that staff members have sufficient information through training to support identification of those children at risk of radicalisation.
  • Ensuring that Governors are informed of their duties under the Prevent Strategy.
  • Working with other agencies when we need to and seeking best advice.
  • Supporting our children to develop resilience through the workings of the school’s PHSE policy and through developing strong relationships with parents, carers and children.
  • Informing the parents annually on the workings of this policy



We have a named person who monitors the workings of Prevent in the school.

It is the Head Teacher, Michaela Rolph

Any questions can be addressed to her using the school email system.




Cyber Bullying Guidance

A hyper link to the government guidance for cyber bullying. Please read this to avoid your children experiencing this. 

Cyber bullying government guidance